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  1. Ski Targeted Cushion Canada Print OTC Socks
  2. Ski Targeted Cushion Over The Calf Socks Trio
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    Snowboard VANS Checker Targeted Cushion OTC Socks
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    Snowboard VANS Full Cushion OTC Socks
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    Snowboard VANS Targeted Cushion OTC Socks
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  6. Giving tuesday
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    Snowboard Targeted Cushion Stripe Extra Stretch OTC Socks
  8. Snowboard Targeted Cushion Broken Lines Pattern OTC
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    Snowboard Full Cushion Mountain Geo Pattern OTC Socks
  10. Ski Full Cushion Groovy Tie Dye Print OTC Socks
  11. Ski Full Cushion Midnight Ski Pattern OTC Socks
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    Ski Targeted Cushion Colliding Clouds Print OTC Socks
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    Ski Targeted Cushion Extra Stretch OTC Socks
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    Ski Zero Cushion Chasing Mountains Print OTC Socks
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    Ski Zero Cushion Ski Day Print OTC Socks
  16. 4 Reviews
    Ski Zero Cushion Extra Stretch OTC Socks
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    Ski Targeted Cushion OTC Socks
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    Ski Targeted Cushion Vernan Kee x Weston Print OTC Socks
    CA$26.40 Regular Price CA$33.00
Our men's ski socks are specifically designed for the slopes with cushioning and features made for ski boots and steep descents. Our proprietary fit system helps prevent bunching, slipping, and binding—helping your wool ski socks feel just as comfortable on your last run as they did on your first. Available in a variety of heights, weights, and cushioning levels, our Merino wool ski socks are designed to help keep your feet warm and dry all day long.