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We were the first to use Merino wool in socks.

Smartwool socks product
Smartwool socks products

Over 25 years ago, we started making our Merino wool socks in order to spend more time outside—specifically, to keep toes from getting cold while skiing. And since then, we’ve been innovating sock technology, pushing the boundaries of Merino wool, and finding new ways to help you stay comfortable in the outdoors.

We’ve been incorporating innovations and sock technologies into everything we make from our PhD® Pro line to our casual socks to help support your every step on the trail, day in the office, epic sunrise summit, and perfect powder turn. We believe that, if your feet are comfortable, you can do more and experience more.

No matter what you need for your adventure, we have a sock designed for you.

Performance Socks

Smartwool socks pro

PhD® Pro Socks

Created for: Alpinists, skiers, and athletes who require advanced gear for their high-end pursuits.

Designed, built, and tested with professional athletes’ insights, industry-leading sock technology, and elite materials, PhD® Pro socks are made for the most demanding environments and activities. They represent the ultimate level of performance for users who demand the most from their gear.

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Smartwool socks pro

PhD® Socks

Created for: Athletic endeavors that require a higher level of comfort, fit, and durability.

PhD® socks represent the highest degree of performance, leveraging decades of sock-making expertise. These feature sock technology like our Indestructawool™ innovation, a patent-pending Merino wool-based durability construction, and our 4 Degree™ elite fit system for maximum in-shoe comfort.

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Smartwool socks pro

Classic Socks

Created for: Enthusiasts looking for the most comfortable sock for all their outdoor activities.

25 years ago, Smartwool introduced Merino wool socks and forever changed how outdoor enthusiasts look at their feet. The Classic Hike sock is one of the best-selling apparel items in the outdoor industry and the starting point for relentless innovation in comfort and performance.

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Casual Socks

Smartwool casual socks

Premium Socks

Created for: Luxurious comfort through premium materials and construction technologies.

The Premium Collection features luxurious yarns for our softest, most decadent-feeling socks. Sophisticated designs and construction techniques deliver a perfect fit and feel for an elevated sock experience.

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Smartwool casual socks

Curated Socks

Created for: Colourful expression for the fashion-forward sock enthusiast.

The latest innovation in casual socks, the Curated Collection utilizes an innovative printing technology that allows us to take sock design and patterns to the next level while keeping all the comfort and performance of Merino wool intact.

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Smartwool casual socks


Created for: Exceptional comfort and style for everyday life.

The Signature Line is the foundation of Smartwool’s casual sock collection. They combine the performance and comfort of Merino wool with comfort-focused features and casual, everyday style to create a better overall “normal” odor-resistant sock.

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Sock Innovations

Indestructawool™ Technology

We spent two full years designing, testing, re-designing, re-testing, and producing a whole new way to build socks. Finally, after years of work, we created a product worthy of being called our toughest socks yet. We tested it.

Our patent-pending Indestructawool™ technology takes premium yarns and knits them in a way that fortifies each element of the sock without sacrificing fit or comfort. The result is a sock worthy of our fans—a sock worthy of our inspiration.

We’re dedicating this technology to you—you ultrarunning, car-camping, powder-shredding, outdoor-loving, hanging-out-in-your-socks fanatics. You push yourself to new limits, so we thought we’d push our socks to new ones too.

Shred Shield Technology

Our Shred Shield anti-wear technology was designed to help our customers go far—and in some cases, extraordinarily far. We worked with ultrarunner Seth Swanson to create a pair of socks that could endure even the toughest challenges. This small innovation significantly increased the durability in the toe area of our ultralight socks and allowed him to run over 1000 miles in the same pair of socks. This technology is featured in all ultralight (or 200 needle) socks.

4-Degree™ Elite Fit

The iconic x-patterned 4 Degree™ elite fit is one of our key sock innovations. It unites all activity-specific PhD® socks from cycle to mountaineer and beyond. It’s our locked-in, blister-repellent, ready-to-go platform that enables less sock slippage and more summits—helping you to not only go far, but to go fast, go freely, and go ferociously.

360-Degree Printing

At Smartwool, we push boundaries and limits because that’s what inspires us to make better products. Our Printed wool crew socks combine our Merino expertise with a brand-new aesthetic. For these socks, we use a revolutionary print-on-wool process that creates endless design opportunities and patterns without the constraints of knitting. Now you can express your adventurous side without sacrificing comfort.

Virtually Seamless™ Toe

This feature is knit to minimize blisters, hot spots, and in-shoe discomforts while you cycle, run, and hike your way into the wilderness.

Activity-Specific Mesh Zones

Our ventilation zones were made to dump heat and help keep you on your feet longer so you can enjoy even more road/trail/climb time.


Whether you want an extra buffer from the trail or like to run light and fast, we designed our different cushioning levels to accommodate your needs.

Gender-Specific Fit

Our women’s and men’s socks are different. Men’s socks are designed for broader feet and deeper heels. Women’s socks are designed for narrower feet and shallower heels.