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  1. Women’s manual for all Short Sleeve Graphic Tee
    Starting from CA$75.00
  2. Women's Everyday Zig Zag Valley Crew Socks
    Starting from CA$26.00
  3. Women's Run Zero Cushion Stripe Low Ankle Socks
    Starting from CA$21.00
  4. Athlete Edition Run Raven Print Crew Socks
  5. Everyday ReGarita Crew Socks
  6. Second cut project
  7. Everyday Anchor Line Crew Socks
  8. Athlete Edition Run Print Crew Socks
    Starting from CA$30.00
  9. Intraknit Merino 200 Balaclava
  10. Women's Seamless Bikini
  11. Merino Plant-Based Dye Bandana
    Starting from CA$32.00
  12. Merino Sport Ultralite Neck Gaiter
    Starting from CA$45.00
  13. Women's Run Zero Cushion Ankle Socks
    Starting from CA$23.00
  14. Women’s Merino Plant-Based Dye Short Sleeve Tee
    Starting from CA$95.00
  15. Intraknit Merino 200 Gaiter
  16. Women’s Merino Plant-Based Dye Tank
    Starting from CA$80.00
  17. Merino Sport Fleece Neck Gaiter
  18. Women's Merino 150 Plant-Based Dye Bottom
    Starting from CA$110.00
We make women’s wool clothing that promises functionality without sacrificing style so you can be as comfortable camping as you are in the office. Our Merino wool wear includes every closet staple: underwear, jackets, leggings, tees, skirts, sweaters, dresses, and more. These are classic pieces, built to maintain their shape season after season. Our Women’s Merino wool clothing will help protect you from the elements while keeping you feeling great.