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  1. Kids' Merino 250 Neck Gaiter
    Kids' Merino 250 Neck Gaiter
  2. Kids' Merino 250 Pattern Neck Gaiter
    Kids' Merino 250 Pattern Neck Gaiter
    CA$19.99 Regular Price CA$24.99
  3. Kids' Wintersport Stripe Hat
    Kids' Wintersport Stripe Hat
  4. Kids' Merino 250 Balaclava
    Kids' Merino 250 Balaclava
  5. Kids' Merino 150 Glove
    Kids' Merino 150 Glove
  6. Kids' Slopestyle Beanie
    Kids' Slopestyle Beanie
    CA$25.49 Regular Price CA$31.99
  7. Kids' YO Yetti Hat
    Kids' YO Yetti Hat
    CA$23.99 Regular Price CA$29.99
  8. Kids' Snowflake Beanie
    Kids' Snowflake Beanie
    CA$29.99 Regular Price CA$37.99
Help keep little heads warm in comfy Merino wool hats for kids and toddlers. Choose from a homespun-style knit wool toddler's hat, a high-performance base layer wool hat designed to hide under a helmet for active kids, or a versatile double-layer jersey kids' wool beanie. They'll also appreciate the Kids' Merino 150 gloves—they're warm, breathable, and touch screen compatible.