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  1. Intraknit Merino Face Covering
    Intraknit Merino Face Covering
    Starting from CA$19.99
  2. Go Far, Feel Good Runner's Cap
    Go Far, Feel Good Runner's Cap
    Starting from CA$44.99
  3. Smartwool Sun Hat
    Smartwool Sun Hat
    Starting from CA$54.99
  4. Smartwool Logo Beanie
    Smartwool Logo Beanie
    Starting from CA$31.99 Regular Price CA$39.99
  5. Ski Retro Stripe Beanie
    Ski Retro Stripe Beanie
    Starting from CA$35.99 Regular Price CA$44.99
  6. Cantar Colorblock Watchcap
    Cantar Colorblock Watchcap
    Starting from CA$31.98 Regular Price CA$39.97
  7. Cozy Cabin Hat
    Cozy Cabin Hat
    Starting from CA$39.99
  8. Men's Boundary Line Reversible Beanie
    Men's Boundary Line Reversible Beanie
    Starting from CA$33.74 Regular Price CA$44.99
  9. CHUP Qo'A Pom Beanie
    CHUP Qo'A Pom Beanie
    Starting from CA$37.49 Regular Price CA$49.99
  10. Chair Lift Beanie
    Chair Lift Beanie
    Starting from CA$35.99 Regular Price CA$44.99
  11. MensThe Lid
    MensThe Lid
    Starting from CA$33.99
  12. Ski Town Hat
    Ski Town Hat
    Starting from CA$44.99
  13. Isto Retro Beanie
    Isto Retro Beanie
    Starting from CA$44.99
  14. Powder Pass Beanie
    Powder Pass Beanie
    Starting from CA$49.99
  15. Powder Pass Scarf
    Powder Pass Scarf
    Starting from CA$74.99
  16. Merino 250 Glove
    Merino 250 Glove
    Starting from CA$49.99
  17. Liner Glove
    Liner Glove
    Starting from CA$29.99
  18. Spring Glove
    Spring Glove
    Starting from CA$99.99
The best wool gloves—and other cold-weather accessories for men—are versatile and ready for any weather. We offer styles that you can wear for any activity, from shoveling snow to training in a snowstorm. Our men's Merino wool beanies, neck gaiters, and balaclavas are all designed for warmth and comfort in colder weather. Be sure and have what you need when the weather turns frigid.