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  1. Merino Sport Fleece Insulated Training Glove
    Starting from CA$70.00
  2. Striped Liner Glove
    Starting from CA$30.00
  3. Liner Glove
    Starting from CA$30.00
  4. Knit Mitt
    Starting from CA$30.00
  5. Cozy Grip Glove
    Starting from CA$50.00
  6. Cozy Mitten
    Starting from CA$40.00
  7. Cozy Glove
    Starting from CA$40.00
  8. Cozy Grip Flip Mitt
    Starting from CA$50.00
  9. Anchor Line Blanket
    Starting from CA$325.00
  10. Hudson Trail Blanket
    Starting from CA$200.00
  11. Men's Merino Sport 150 Long Sleeve Button Up
    Starting from CA$150.00
  12. Men's Merino Sport 150 Long Sleeve Polo
    Starting from CA$130.00
  13. Men's Merino Sport 150 Colorblock 1/4 Zip
    Starting from CA$130.00
  14. Men's Merino Sport 150 Henley
    Starting from CA$125.00
  15. Men's Merino Sport 150 Tee
    Starting from CA$70.00
  16. Men's Merino Sport 150 Boxer Brief Boxed
    Starting from CA$45.00
  17. Men's Everyday Exploration Merino Long Sleeve Pocket Tee
    Starting from CA$110.00
  18. Men's Anchor Line Vest
    Starting from CA$190.00
Our men's wool clothing was made to handle anything from peak-bagging to after-work hangouts and everything in between. The features and fabrics in our men's Merino wool clothing are specifically designed to help keep you comfortable wherever you go. So gear up with men's wool shirts, underwear, tees, sweaters, hoodies, and jackets to be prepared for any adventure. Grab some new wool socks and you'll be all set to tackle anything in absolute comfort.