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  1. Men's Merino Sport Ultralite Anorak
    Starting from CA$150.00
  2. Men's Merino Sport Ultralite Jacket
    Starting from CA$140.00
  3. Men's Merino Sport Ultralite Vest
    Starting from CA$120.00
  4. Men's Merino Sport Ultralite Hoodie
    Starting from CA$150.00
  5. Men's Anchor Line Full Zip Jacket
    Starting from CA$240.00
  6. Second cut project
  7. Men's Merino Sport Fleece Full Zip Jacket
  8. Men's Merino Sport Ultra Light Vest
    Starting from CA$99.99 Regular Price CA$120.00
  9. Men's Hudson Trail Fleece Hoodie
    Starting from CA$165.99 Regular Price CA$200.00
  10. Men's Merino Sport Ultra Light Hoodie
    Starting from CA$125.99 Regular Price CA$150.00
  11. Men's Merino Sport Ultra Light Jacket
    Starting from CA$115.99 Regular Price CA$140.00
  12. Men's Hudson Trail Fleece Vest
    Starting from CA$109.99 Regular Price CA$130.00
  13. Men's Smartloft Anchor Line Shirt Jacket
    Starting from CA$189.99 Regular Price CA$240.00
  14. Men's Anchor Line Vest
    Starting from CA$159.99 Regular Price CA$190.00
  15. Men's Smartloft 60 Vest
    Starting from CA$165.99 Regular Price CA$200.00
  16. Men's Anchor Line Sherpa Full Zip Jacket
    Starting from CA$235.99 Regular Price CA$280.00
  17. Men's Anchor Line Sherpa Shirt Jacket
    Starting from CA$269.99 Regular Price CA$320.00
  18. Men's Smartloft 120 Jacket
    Starting from CA$209.99 Regular Price CA$250.00
Help keep yourself warm without added bulk in one of our men's wool jackets, available in styles from an ultra-light vest to an insulated bomber. Whether you need breathability and performance or extra insulation, we have a Merino wool jacket to keep you covered. Our warmest men's jackets are not only lined in Merino but insulated using 50% recycled wool. We have plenty of style options to suit your look and needs. Find the perfect men's wool jacket for you.