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  1. CHUP Qo'A Pom Beanie
    CHUP Qo'A Pom Beanie
    Starting from CA$49.99
  2. Lodge Girl Beanie
    Lodge Girl Beanie
    Starting from CA$49.99
  3. Chair Lift Beanie
    Chair Lift Beanie
    Starting from CA$44.99
  4. Ski Town Hat
    Ski Town Hat
    Starting from CA$44.99
  5. Isto Retro Beanie
    Isto Retro Beanie
    Starting from CA$44.99
  6. Powder Pass Beanie
    Powder Pass Beanie
    Starting from CA$49.99
  7. Intraknit Merino Face Covering
    Intraknit Merino Face Covering
    Starting from CA$19.99
  8. Cozy Cabin Hat
    Cozy Cabin Hat
    Starting from CA$39.99
  9. Creek Run Beanie
    Creek Run Beanie
    Starting from CA$39.99
  10. Men's Boundary Line Reversible Beanie
    Men's Boundary Line Reversible Beanie
    Starting from CA$44.99
  11. Merino Sport 150 Beanie
    Merino Sport 150 Beanie
    Starting from CA$29.99
  12. Ski Retro Stripe Beanie
    Ski Retro Stripe Beanie
    Starting from CA$44.99
  13. Smartwool Logo Beanie
    Smartwool Logo Beanie
    Starting from CA$39.99
  14. Cantar Watchcap
    Cantar Watchcap
    Starting from CA$39.99
  15. Cantar Colorblock Watchcap
    Cantar Colorblock Watchcap
    Starting from CA$39.97
  16. Merino 250 Pattern Balaclava
    Merino 250 Pattern Balaclava
    Starting from CA$49.99
  17. Merino 250 Reversible Headband
    Merino 250 Reversible Headband
    Starting from CA$24.99
  18. Merino Sport Fleece Training Beanie
    Merino Sport Fleece Training Beanie
    Starting from CA$37.99
When it comes to shopping for wool winter clothing, who says you have to choose between style and performance? We offer a variety of versatile accessories, from women's wool hats to wool fingerless gloves. Made with our signature high-quality materials and construction, you'll find a range of highly-functional options to suit every personality. You can stock up on several knit hats for women, then mix and match with warm wool mittens and a patterned scarf to take that cozy, wrapped-in-a-blanket feeling with you everywhere you go.