Protect Our Winters Canada


POW, like us, and so many of you, shares a deep love of winter and the conviction that if we don't take action to slow and reverse climate change, winter and the places we enjoy might not be around forever.

A focus on educational initiatives, political advocacy, and community-based activism.

Protect Our Winters Canada is a passionate community of enthusiasts, professional athletes and industry brands uniting the outdoor community to advocate for policy solutions to climate change. They believe our love for adventure in nature demands our participation in the fight to save and protect it.

In 2007, pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones discovered that more and more of the resorts he’d always counted on for good riding closed early due to lack of snow. Something was clearly going on, and he felt the need to act. But he couldn’t find any organizations focused on mobilizing the snowsports community on climate change. So, Jeremy founded Protect Our Winters.

While POW’s earliest supporters were renowned athletes and respected companies, the movement quickly grew to include the wider outdoor sports community. POW has helped launch a social movement on climate, designed to activate a passionate community and create the political will for meaningful action by provincial and federal policy makers.

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Photo by Jason Houston & John Mesner

It's the perfect group to give a national voice to outdoor sports, an industry that supports more than 7.6 million jobs and creates $887 bilion in economic revenue.


Protecting the places and experiences you love from climate change is a no-brainer. Since individual action is not enough on its own, POW Canada works to lobby and advocate for actionable solutions from government and corporations that will meaningfully tackle climate change.