Women's Mid Layers

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  1. Women's Smartloft 120 Skirt
    Starting from CA$140.00
  2. Women's Smartloft Bomber Vest
    Starting from CA$167.99 Regular Price CA$210.00
  3. Women's Smartloft 150 Vest
    Starting from CA$151.99 Regular Price CA$190.00
  4. Women's Smartloft 60 Hoodie Vest
    Starting from CA$199.99
  5. Women's Smartloft 60 Jacket
    Starting from CA$175.99 Regular Price CA$220.00
  6. Women's Smartloft 60 Hoodie Full Zip
    Starting from CA$230.00
  7. Women's Smartloft-X 60 Hoodie Full Zip
    Starting from CA$280.00
  8. Women's Smartloft-X 60 Pullover
    Starting from CA$240.00
We believe the best mid layers are made with Merino wool. Our Smartloft mid layers feature Merino wool insulation, an articulated fit, and enough comfort to help keep you enjoying the cold and snow all day/week/season long. Women's Smartloft X 60 Women's Smartloft 150 New this season, our warmer insulation is ideal for winter layering. Women's Smartloft 180 Our Warmest for the Coldest Days.