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  1. Women's Smartloft 150 Vest
    Starting from CA$151.99 Regular Price CA$190.00
  2. Men's Smartloft 60 Hybrid Half Zip
    Starting from CA$240.00
  3. Women's Smartloft Bomber Vest
    Starting from CA$167.99 Regular Price CA$210.00
  4. Men's Merino Sport Fleece Hybrid Pullover
    Starting from CA$172.49 Regular Price CA$230.00
  5. Women's Smartloft-X 60 Pullover
    Starting from CA$240.00
  6. Men's Hudson Trail Fleece Crew Sweater
    Starting from CA$111.99 Regular Price CA$140.00
  7. Men's Hudson Trail Fleece Half Zip Sweater
    Starting from CA$127.99 Regular Price CA$160.00
  8. Men's Anchor Line Full Zip Jacket
    Starting from CA$240.00
  9. Women's Anchor Line Reversible Sherpa Vest
    Starting from CA$160.00
  10. Men's Anchor Line Shirt Jacket
    Starting from CA$230.00
  11. Women's Smartloft-X 60 Hoodie Full Zip
    Starting from CA$280.00
  12. Men's Smartloft Anchor Line Shirt Jacket
    Starting from CA$179.99 Regular Price CA$240.00
  13. Men's Hudson Trail Fleece Vest
    Starting from CA$97.49 Regular Price CA$130.00
  14. Men's Hudson Trail Fleece Full Zip Jacket
    Starting from CA$144.49 Regular Price CA$170.00
  15. Women's Smartloft 60 Hoodie Full Zip
    Starting from CA$230.00
  16. Women's Smartloft 60 Hoodie Vest
    Starting from CA$199.99
  17. Men's Everyday Exploration Short Sleeve Henley
    Starting from CA$90.00
  18. Women's Merino Sport Hike Short
    Starting from CA$75.00
Sustainable clothing can be performance clothing too. Our Merino Sport collection features clothes made from recycled materials like nylon and poly and we’re making blended Merino + Hemp clothing for our Everyday Travel collection. Try our sustainable clothing for your next adventure.