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  1. Women's Active Lined 4" Short
  2. Women's Active Uptempo Full Zip Hoodie
  3. Women's Intraknit Active Tank
  4. Women's Active Ultralite High Neck Tank
  5. Women's Active Mesh High Neck Tank
  6. Second cut project
  7. Men's Active Mesh Hoodie
  8. Men's Intraknit Active Seamless Short Sleeve
  9. 9 Reviews
    Men’s Thermal Merino Active Hoodie
  10. 16 Reviews
    Women’s Thermal Merino Active Hoodie
  11. 6 Reviews
    Women's Active Crop Bra
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    Women's Active Long Sleeve Crew
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    Women's Intraknit Active Full Zip Jacket
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    Men's Intraknit Active Full Zip Jacket
    Starting from CA$212.50 Regular Price CA$250.00
  15. 24 Reviews
    Women's Active Fleece Wind Tight​
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  16. 9 Reviews
    Women's Merino Active Fleece Tight
  17. 37 Reviews
    Men's Active Fleece Wind Tight
    CA$148.75 Regular Price CA$175.00
  18. 38 Reviews
    Men's Active Fleece Tight
    CA$106.25 Regular Price CA$125.00
Looking for the ultimate in performance wear for your active lifestyle? Look no further than Smartwool's new merino wool activewear collection. Featuring socks, anorak wind breakers, shorts, sports bras, underwear, boxers, running skirts, tops, tanks, mountain biking jerseys and more, this premium line of athletic clothing utilizes the natural performance benefits of merino wool to keep you dry and comfortable while you move. Lightweight yet durable and naturally odor-resistant and moisture-wicking, merino wool fitness clothing is the ideal choice for any outdoor adventure or high-intensity workout. Whether you're hiking through the mountains or rock climbing at your local gym, you can trust Smartwool to help you achieve your very best in any situation! So why wait? Get out there and make the most of every moment with Smartwool merino wool activewear. You won't be disappointed!