Riding the Rails


You’ve never heard of a choose your own adventure story quite like this—where personal and professional passions are combined to create a whole new way to explore the outdoors. Smartwool presents Riding the Rails, a short film about one man’s drive, his family’s love for the outdoors, and how their railroad-ready bikes allow them to access the most secluded wild places in the Northeastern United States.

Exploring the unexplored.

Alex has spent many of his adult years seeing the world and how people have pushed the limits of biking. And what he discovered was a brand-new way to ride. To get outside. And to experience nature first-hand. Now, Alex and his family have adapted their bikes to ride railroad tracks.

Alex’s passion for craftsmanship and the outdoors come together to allow him, his wife, and their dog to access the most remote fishing, camping, and biking locations in Vermont and beyond—creating new opportunities for family-friendly, human-powered adventure.


"I hope that we can inspire others to follow through on their dreams because the memories and experiences are worth so much."

Behind the camera.

Evan Kay is an accomplished outdoor adventure videographer and photographer who has travelled the world documenting people and telling thought-provoking stories. As a devoted adventurer, Evan can be found on pre-dawn skinning sessions, weekend mountain traverses, or riding singletrack on his mountain bike. Evan’s ease in all things adventure can be felt in his film work: the carefully framed figures living life outdoors are filled with a visual respect, the fraternity of mountain life. He currently resides in Vermont with his wife Jordana and their trail-loving pup Gobi.