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Working with
Nature United


As the Canadian affiliate of the world's largest conservation organization, Nature United brings together communities, governments, and other partners to find new pathways towards a sustainable future - where people and nature thrive.

Why We Partner With
Nature United

We’re honoured to partner with an organization that is so powerfully dedicated to safeguarding natural resources and supporting Indigenous-led stewardship. This is a way we can help ensure that future generations get to experience what we enjoy in nature today.

For over a decade, Nature United has worked in partnership to support Indigenous-led conservation that results in vibrant communities, strong cultures, viable economies, and healthy ecosystems. All of their work is underlined by the knowledge that if place-based Indigenous communities have the resources they need to manage the lands and waters in their territories, then conservation results will be effective, long-lasting, and supportive of social and economic well-being.

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Nature United is working towards building a Canada where people and nature thrive together.

Nature United works in respectful partnership across Canada—up the Pacific coast, in the Northwest Territories, and eastward along the Boreal Forest.

As an organization, they recognize that the increased authority of Indigenous peoples to steward their lands and waters is critical for the future of healthy ecosystems and communities, and it results in effective and durable sustainable management over time.